iMAR Navigation, a leading German provider of solutions in navigation, stabilization, guidance and control for all defense, geodetic, industrial and automotive applications. iMAR Navigation GmbH, a German company, is a specialist on inertial navigation technology and has extensive long-time experience in conception, development, pro­duction, maintenance, and support of inertial measuring and navigation systems destined to a wide range of standard and spe­cial applications in various fields like surveying, stabili­sation, guidance, control and defence. iMAR was founded in 1992 in St. Ing­bert, near Frankfurt (Germany), where it has its head­quarters and production site (2'300 sq.m / 25'000 sq.ft).

iMAR Navigation: location of headquarters in Germany

iMAR operates an advanced and powerful in-house manufacturing and integration infrastructure: Several multi axes turntables and temperature lab, vibration and shock testing lab, 3-axes and 5 axes CNC machine Tools, ZEISS coordinate measuring machine etc.; click on the picture to have a look into one of iMAR's manufacturing and integration labs.Three key elements make a sound basis for devel­oping our advanced inertial measuring systems - know-how, expertise and in-depth knowledge of in­ertial measuring technologies, navigation algorithms, sensor systems, propulsion technologies, hydraulics, mechatronics and process calculation systems, as well as hardware de­sign, firmware design and software Engineering including highly sophisticated data fusion.

Our cost-effective, premium high-tech products and system solutions are the result of a policy of con­tinuous investment in human resources and techno­logical in­novation - more than 60 employees, all highly qualified and dedicated to their work, all state-of-the-art sensor tech­nologies ranging from MEMS gyros to hemispheric resonator gyros (HRG) and from fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG) to ring laser gyros (RLG) and a powerful development and production tool chain also featuring in-house Mat­lab/Simulink, SolidWorks/­COSMOS, EDA tools, HyperMill, 3-axes and 5-axes CNC cen­tres.

iMAR is certified and manufacturing according to military, industrial and aerospace standardsiMAR is certified and manufacturing according to military, industrial and aerospace standardsQuality and reliability of our products are guaranteed by our modern production site, which is certified according to ISO9001 / EN9100, quality standards (in­dustrial en­gineering / development and production lifecycle ac­cording to aviation requirements); the production facility is certified to EASA Part21G (avionics equipment) since 09/2011. iMAR's comprehensive testing equipment also includes sev­eral two and three axis turntables, a micron accurate coordinate measuring machine, full range tem­perature chambers and a 40 kN vibration testing platform fully complying with mil/space specifications. After final testing our products are delivered to customers operating in industrial branches, automotive industry, to civil and military aviation compa­nies and to the armed forces (navy, army and airforces) and aerospace agencies of many countries.

Due to the increasing volume of offered products and system solutions iMAR has expanded its production and research facilities in May 2003 to be able furthermore to serve also the expanding international market. An additional building was errected end of 2014 to provide additional 800 sqm for manufacturing and development.


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